- Ale Aragonés -


Meet Ale Aragonés


A dedicated health coach and advocate for mental wellness through the art of mindfulness and dance. With a rich heritage rooted in Mexican and Spanish culture, Ale brings a unique blend of passion for neuroscience and the healing properties of hemp CBD to her work.


As a mother of two and a business owner, she understands the challenges of balancing personal well-being with the demands of daily life. Certified in mindfulness techniques, Ale’s mission is to guide individuals towards achieving harmony through health and happiness.


Her business, AAM Health Coach, and her Community, Rise and Believe, are a testament to her commitment to reducing stress and fostering inner calm. Ale empowers her clients to create bonds with their dreams and rise above life’s obstacles. With a love for physics, math, and a variety of dance forms, she embodies a balanced approach to life, ensuring her family’s happiness and health are at the forefront.


Join Ale on a transformative journey to a more serene and fulfilling life.

Certifications & Courses


Formo parte de la Asociación de Health Coaches Unidos por México A.C.


Tengo un gran interés por las técnicas de Mindfulness y Meditación. De la mano con los programas de coaching y conociendo las fortalezas individuales, estas técnicas pueden ayudar a las personas a enfocarse en su presente y saber manejar emociones de mejor manera. Son un complemento perfecto para alcanzar el equilibrio.


  • Mindfulness Certification- New Skills Academy




  • “Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance”- Monash University
  • “Maintaining a Mindful Life”- Monash University
  • “Food for Thought: The Relationship Between Food, Gut, and Brain”- EIT Food, University of Turin & European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • “Sleep Deprivation: Habits, solutions and StrategiesTeach-Out”- University of Michigan


Actualmente me certifiqué como Coach en Salud Funcional Mente-Cuerpo y soyTutora del INSTITUTO DE SALUD FUNCIONAL MENTE-CUERPO (ISFMC) https://www.isfmc.mx